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Making a Room Presentable for Viewing

Keep your knick-knacks to your own space. :)

Everyone has their own style - whether it’s a quirky mishmash of vintage furniture, minimalist, modern but when it comes to providing a room to a lodger the room should be clean, in good (preferably neutral) decorative order, tastefully furnished with at least a comfortable bed, somewhere to hang and fold clothes, and desk or table, including a lamp, and a chair.

Also, ensure that any clutter (such as the last occupant's books or posters, or any junk you've been storing there) is removed. A double bed is preferable to a single unless you’ve no intention of ever having your lodger have an overnight guest (which is unlikely to work over the long term).

Bear in mind though that whether the lodger brings their own TV or watches one already provided, in the UK, they are liable for their own TV licence (unless they can prove they're a member of your family or are employed by you) although the laws around this are murky, at best. This includes streaming live or catch up TV programmes (by any broadcaster, not just the BBC) from the internet. However, services such as Netflix, iTunes, Now TV and Amazon don't need a licence.

Use the room to maximise privacy...

If you’ve never shared your home before or haven’t lived with another for a while, then managing the space is a priority - so that your lodger has a room, perhaps with a TV on the wall, and is as attractive, comfortable and self-contained as is possible.

Creating a harmonious household is as much about how you occupy the space together as to how welcome you make the other feel. You’re more likely to enjoy spending time with the other if you have an amicable relationship, then if you’re complete strangers.

Although, on the face of it, it might seem reasonable to simply make your lounge off-limits, in practice this is not a good idea (unless they have their own lounge). Firstly, you will find that you're not attracting the best people and you will have less choice as most people don’t want to feel confined to one room only. Our aim is to help you find people with whom you’re compatible. The clearer you both are regarding your expectations the easier it is to find that someone - whether homeowner or renter - with whom you’ll enjoy the relationship!

Thanks to Lodgersite for the reference material.


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