Promote your room on Silver Sharers is completely free. You only pay once a suitable lodger for your room has been found.


Subscribing to the Silver Sharers weekly listings newsletter is free.

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No listing fee. Simply pay once we find you a suitable lodger.

Listing on Silver Sharers is completely FREE. You only pay a one off-off introduction fee.

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Subscribing to the Silver Sharers weekly listings newsletter is free.


What is Silver Sharers?

Silver Sharers is a weekly newsletter that connects a trusted community of older homeowners with prospective lodgers. It's intended to help older people remain in their own homes by filling a spare room with someone who needs one and providing them with some form of payment (either financial or through offering home help).

You may be a younger person looking to share with someone older, an older person seeking someone your own age or someone who has a spare room and needs some help around your home.


How can I list my property?

You can list your property if you own/rent your own home or flat and have a spare room you are looking to fill. We are not open to agents.

Silver Sharers is very much about people sharing. You may not be looking for a friend to live in your spare room - we understand and respect those that prefer to have their own space - but we also know that Silver Sharers works best when sharers respect and understand each other's needs.

To list your property, fill in the form and we'll call you to verify your identity and help you with any questions you may have.  After that, your property details are sent out to our database of prospective lodgers (or home-mates, as we prefer to call them) as part of our weekly newsletter and listed on our Facebook page. Prospective home-mates get in touch with us if they’re interested and, once they’ve been verified, we connect you with each other.


There is a small charge of £10 to list and subscribing to the newsletter is free.


How can I make contact with the landlord?

Once you’ve subscribed to the newsletter, you will receive a weekly newsletter with the latest properties. New properties will also be added to our Facebook page.

If you see something you like, all you need to do is contact us and, once verified as genuine, we’ll put you in touch with the landlord.


Who can sign up for the newsletter?

Anyone can sign up provided they’re genuinely looking for a place to live or are signing up on behalf of someone else who may be seeking accommodation.

We do not accept listings from agents or other third party brokers.

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