Hi, I’m Suzanne and I started sharing my home with Ameet, 52 in May 2017, whom I met via a mutual friend. At the time we met I was managing two AirBnB rooms and it had stopped becoming fun what with all the changing of sheets, meeting and greeting guests, the constant need to keep the bathroom sparkling clean. Nevertheless, I can remember feeling hesitant when I mentioned to Ameet that I might have a room available. I wasn't completely sure I wanted to share my place with others and had all sorts of worries about whether we would get along. I'd heard my boys tell me that my tidiness is something of an obsession to which I had always replied, "I'm just house proud!".  I wasn't sure my new lodger would get on board with this. Well, I needn't have worried although I've had to make some adjustments in my thinking. Ameet and I work together from my kitchen table most days, often cook for each other and have become friends.

Meanwhile, my partner, Bob, 62 years, has gone through a similar journey with regard to his own living situation. When we met he was living in a very remote location, just outside London and with no amenities within walking distance.


Within six months of meeting me, he had moved to a shared house near to where I live and, when that situation did not suit him, he moved again. Now he lives with a couple, both in their 60s, whose children have both left home. His situation does not have the social component of my own but there are obvious similarities in our circumstances, both sharing with others our own age.


It was when I was trying to help Bob find a new place to live that I realised the challenges of trying to find him a shared home that matched his budget, with people who shared his interest and of a similar age. I started talking to others about this who had also experienced the frustration of trying to find or fill spare rooms.I decided to take the plunge and set up Silver Sharers to find a simple solution to a complex problem. Whether you’ve got a room to fill or looking for a space, get in touch and we’ll do our best to help you. We’ve set our sights on older homeowners but see the benefits of ‘olders’ living with ‘youngers’ too.


We look forward to hearing from you.

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